Why Give the Masses a Voice They Deserve?

Chapter  four starts out focuses around this idea that the crowd was a social group of the past and the public is the social group of the future. This public is connected through the media outlet at that time which was newspapers. Even people who do not read the newspaper are informed by those that do. The crowd that was developing into the public was seen as a threat and needed to be managed.  The newspaper shaped the public opinion and could be formed into ideas which could place the public mind in the uniform.  It was at this point where Ivy Lee stated “you suddenly find you are not running a private business, but running a business of which the public itself is taking complete supervision.” Thus the public finally had some power, but who would want that right? I mean monopolies and wealthy people should run everything. Which they soon went back to doing.  What I mean by this is before the crowd turned into a public the monopolies took over, crushing small businesses.  As their wealth grew so did their power, then they became scared when the power shifted to the people (as it should be), but then they realized they could control this public mind and control the masses.  If something bad happened to a big organization, people such as Ivy Lee would now be brought in to do damage control to reinstate a positive image within the publics mind. Supplying the press with information, accurate or not, as long as it could create the image they wanted, they now could do it. Facts were no longer as they seemed, they were now “facts” and they were consumed as soon as they got out.


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